John Heinerman tells of his involment with John Brewer, who found an ancient tomb in central utah that housed two giant mummies in stone sarcofiguses. This tomb also contained ancient records written on gold, lead, copper, and stones. These ancient records were stored in stone box's covered with cedar bark and pine pitch. The AHRF had some carbon dating done on the bark that covered one of the box's. The date came back at 50 to 350 BC. This video shows our report on the carbon dating of this stone box Love gold and silver? Wonder why you should own gold and silver? Want to make extra money with out affecting what your presently doing? Click the link below and watch the video's to learn more, then call me for more information, Thanks Terry L. Carter Armed with this information I decided there was enough information to support this story so I went searching for anyone and anything that had to do with this find. This video is the story of just one of the people involved in this story. To learn more about Brewers cave you can go to our forum and web sites at: or you can visit us on our Facebook page at ancient historical research foundation UP DATE, SEE THE FULL LECTURE OF BREWERS CAVE-- THE UNTOLD STORY HERE: Send letters and info to: Terry Carter 51 W. center #304 Orem, Utah 84057 My You Tube Channel Visit our web pages and forum Also look us up on face book at:

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